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Kate Hough

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, 2014

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From a young age I knew I wanted a creative career. My mother was a very creative woman who inspired me to incorporate my artistic flair into everything I did, even into the most mundane of annual reports.

It's about the aesthetics, it's about the impact. And that's what drives my relentless determination to produce nothing but the best, high quality designs.

With nearly a decade of graphic design work under my belt, my experience throughout multiple industries across Australia, the UK and the US, has provided me with the opportunity to hone my speciality - interpreting client's needs, wants and ultimate goals. Especially those who don't have the first clue! I consider myself a kind of Sherlock, probing the deepest recesses of brands to understand the true marketing motivator - the WHY. This is where I truly shine, this is my why. Illuminating the core reason for being is the difference between successful design, across any medium, for any purpose. That "AHA!" moment I find with my client's is what puts the spring in my step.

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My passion for design and the limitless energy I pour into every project is balanced by my energetic lifestyle. I love the spending loads of time outdoors, travelling and mountain biking especially, and my husband and I have had the good fortune of travelling extensively across the United Kingdom, the European Continent, the United States and of course our own wonderful backyard - Australia. Andrew is a Commander in the Royal Australian Navy with 29 years' service and it's thanks to his career that we've had such wonderful opportunities to see this amazing planet.


In 2014, during Andrew's long service leave, we shipped both our two motorbikes to the United States. Together we rode through 37 states over 123 days and clocked up 28,809kms - the adventure of a lifetime! Want to see what that looks like? Click here and check it out!

These incredible adventures have broadened so many of my professional attributes as I have almost always been able to take my work with me (or picked it up on the road!). Whether I was problem solving logo requirements whilst riding the sweeping turns through the Montana Badlands National Park in the US, or honing my prioritisation and communication skills in Florence, Italy, when contact wasn't always easy (thank you Starbucks for the free wi-fi!) - there wasn't a day I didn't see or learn something that I've since incorporated into my skill set.

At home I love splashing a stupid amount of paint at canvas, mixing in different mediums and generally making a mess. Recently I've expanded the mess making fairy lights that I call 'Twilights' from old bottles of booze. I've enjoyed some great success selling these at market stalls while living in Sydney and aim to produce more to sell in Canberran markets.

In my quiet time I love nothing more than hanging out with our Spoodle, Maggie, or chilling out with a coffee and a good book. Having recently moved back to Canberra from Sydney, Andrew and I have also been spending a lot of our time at Stromlo, Majura and other mountain biking destinations, taking Maggie on long fun walks all around the Territory and, most recently, renovating our house.

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